In 2017 the band released its debut album BLUES AND TROUBLE. It features mostly original songs written by Johan Öhman, Öhman/Johansson and Öhman/Svedin.. There are also a few songs by other artists such as Chris Cain, Sven Zetterberg and Robert Parker., and

Tha band is currently working on their second album that hopefully will be released in 2018...

Blues and Trouble


  1. Too Short
  2. Have a Real Good Time
  3. Cold River of Tears
  4. Make Your Move on Me
  5. That Sweet Woman of Mine
  6. Blues and Trouble
  7. Infected By Evil
  8. Pick Up The Tab
  9. Quit Going Out With That Douchebag
  10. Barefooting
  11. Mr Clean's Got A Dirty Mind



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